Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breaking the Shackles of the Face

If you're reading this, that's amazing, because I'm fairly certain that almost all the traffic on this blog is because of Facebook.

I kept saying that I was going to do it, and I finally did! I've officially deleted my FB account. (Okay, well deactivated, I looked for a while, but I'm pretty sure you can't actually delete your account, please tell me if I'm wrong.)
No more photo-sharing.
No more awkward friends that I've only met once or twice.
No more stalking people.

Cold turkey.

I've already reaped the benefits with less time spent mindlessly scrolling through my newsfeed and more time directed toward achieving everyday tasks. I'm actually getting to my eight o'clock class five minutes earlier than usual now! I will probably have more ideas for blog posts too.

I haven't forgotten about the last poll I nagged you all (all eight of you) about participating in. I will do a college-y post soon, as soon as college-y things stop taking up all my time.

For example: while most people assume midterms get their name from being an exam in the middle of the term, I've been learning this is absolutely not the case. Most of my classes have two midterms and a final. Out of a 10 week term, it seems like midterms should be around weeks four and five, right? Well I've had at least one midterm  every week since week four. I'll finally be done with them week nine.

So in lieu of an actually interesting post, here are three exceptionally random pictures from my computer:
My jack-o-lantern a couple weeks post-Halloween. 

Tree freshly hatched ducklings. 

From the hike with my dad around Mt. Hood.

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