Friday, September 21, 2012


Fall is nearly here, which means another year of college will be beginning soon. I am very excited for my courses this term, which is moderately unusual. I think it's because I'm finally done with math, but also because I'm getting into classes that directly pertain to what I want to do when "real life" finally starts.

Although I'm not currently in the "real world" my current reality finally hit me like a train when I had to go buy my textbooks. This term I'm taking Human Anatomy and Physiology (with lab), O-Chem (with lab), Animal Genetics, and Principles of Animal Nutrition. At just 15 credits, it's the least amount of classes I've taken in college thus far.

However, the term is not even close to being light on text books. Or reasonable prices.
The only optional textbook was in Animal Nutrition, but since I'm planning on going to vet school, I figured it was worth buying and adding to my veterinary library. So there goes $78.

The Genetics text is required- $100 even. That's what's nice about the Animal Sciences department. It's usually just one book, if that.

Then we get into the real hairy shit. One of my roommates took A&P last year, so I was planning on using his book. But, lo and behold- they've switched editions since spring. (Because human anatomy has changed so much...?)
Also I needed an online access code. So there's really only one option, which is the new bundled package, which has the book, code, and a picture atlas, and blah blah blah. This pup rang out at $167, plus the lab packet valued at $12. So $179 for the whole course. Ouch, however, I will be taking the class all year, so I won't have to buy the book or code again.

The great part is that when I try to sell the book back at the end of the year they'll basically charge me to take it back then turn around and sell it for over $100. So that's awesome and totally fair.

Then Organic Chemistry. Now, I already had reservations about this class because I didn't do so hot in the gen-chem series. There's the new bundled package for this course too, but I don't have an arm and a leg to spare so I decided to go used. Used books cost less and sometimes have curse words doodled in the margins (which is always a plus), so I picked up the book and study guide priced at $114 and $78 respectively. This class also required a molecular model set, which could only be bought new at $68. So totaling out at $260, I'm obviously pumped about O-Chem.

After nearly getting a hernia from carrying about 8 billion pounds of textbooks and crying all the way to the check out line, I received the 10% student discount (-$61) and swiped my card for $556 worth of knowledge and learning opportunities. Even the lady ringing me up commented about the shocking altitude my stack of books reached.

Is this motivation to go for the elusive 4.0 this term? Yes.
Is this motivation to seriously look for some part-time work? Yes.
Is this motivation to give up and become a bum after fall term? Definitely yes...

Of course at the bookstore checkout I got the traditional coupon sheet that helps ease the suffering of poor college students like me. Although I don't know what I could possibly get at Dutch Bros that would fix this.

Maybe crying into a BOGO nonfat vanilla latte will make me feel better...?

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